Saturday, 5 December 2009


This is the introduction piece to help you understand the world in which all my stories and art take place...


Ayvel is a flat platform planet instead of a more common sphere planet, eight times the size of a normal solar system. Water falls off the edges of this platform planet, falling seemingly forever downward into space. If you fly to the outer edges of Ayvel, you will see hundreds of sea monsters and a few boats flailing down the waterfalls.

Three quarters of Ayvel is quiet fields, forests, mountains, lakes and other stranger varieties of natural land. Vast spaces between most homes. The only significant dangers of this main part of the world is travelling the less flat and predictable grounds. There are many homeless people and it is not difficult to find plants with plenty of food, streams with nice drinkable water and it is not uncomfortable sleeping in most of the fields and forests.

There are billions and billions of miles of empty fields owned by no-one. Even people with houses often like to sleep out in the fields and forests without fear.

The remaining dangerous quarter of Ayvel is dotted in places few and far between across the safe area but mostly on the surrounding outer edges of the planet. These portions can be fairly safe in certain places with only threats of floods, quakes, hurricanes or volcanic activity where some but few people choose to live; but most of it is nightmarish uninhabitable terror lands without any sunlight at any time. Areas of danger can slowly move and spread; most people try to live as far away from these areas as possible.

Ayvel is covered all over with an incredible variation of life and landscapes. There are millions of castles the size of large countries, lots of tiny castles everywhere too. There are lots of mysterious places where reality distorts into something with varying rules, as if dreams are mixing with waking life creating changing spaces and conditions that sometimes seemingly make no sense and can lead you to strange places leaving you a different person or even an entirely different type of being. Some of these are ethereal journeys into impossible pleasure but within the dangerous quarter of Ayvel these can also be nightmarish and fatal.

There are pockets and portals of different dimensions and realities. Special beings create new realities and planets all the time. Planets float and fly around; and planets within planets with their own suns and moons. Ayvel has millions of suns and moons of all different types moving around creating different amounts of light for different places. People like to go up on flying moons and ride them; some werewolves even chain themselves to moons so they don’t have to turn back into humans.

There are cloudlands in the sky, mostly home to winged people. All sorts of buildings, boats, castles and floating islands are up in the sky too.

In the most advanced areas of Ayvel they have shapeshifting solid gas houses that can stay on ground, high in the sky or even underwater. They can change shape, size, colour, transparency, heat, light and smell. The gas morphs when instructed to. They can also be used as transport.
Some people decorate these morphing houses with trees, plants and pools of water. Fish owners like to put their water and fish between layers of solid gas walls and make some of the walls transparent, so the house looks like a large fishtank.

Churches and cathedrals are built for getting in touch with the dead, to learn about ghosts, because ghosts are all so confusingly different and complex in their natures. They live by an endless variety of incomprehensible rules completely different from one ghost to the next. People get in contact with ghosts in all sorts of ways.

The variety in animals and humans is also extremely wide, so people and animals never assume too much about anyone or anything they meet. Examples being that intelligent talking dogs socialize with regular dogs and you can’t always quickly identify a joyously murderous vampire from a humane friendly vampire.

Humans and humanoids hold very high ethical standards, with minimal prejudices and there have never been any wars or mass conflicts between them.
There is no religion, no marriage, no days celebrating anyone or anything, no gift days. Extremely few traditions.

Most people live at least 1000 years, the health is very good. Strong teeth, elbows, ankles, heels and backs. No mouth ulcers, no toothache, no aids, no cancer, no arthritis, no contagious diseases or viruses.
Nostrils and throats never have mucus; nostrils are permanently dry, breezy and clean.

There are hundreds of types of plants that drink urine and eat faeces. They go up your anus and clean it out completely. These plants are everywhere in all shapes and sizes.


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  1. Completely different physics must prevail in your universe. All other things aside a "planet" that is 3/4 land would be mostly desert, and the interior regions virtually uninhabitable: too hot in the summers and too cold in the winters (we're talking 60 to 70C summers and -70 to -90 C winters).