Saturday, 27 June 2009

explanation again

I’ve posted somewhere between 300 to 500 of my pictures on the internet, and I regret most of them. A great deal of them were requests and I think they usually had very little redeeming qualities, but then there is also a lot of stuff where I wanted to shock too much or was too influenced by cheesecake and I can only hope all those drawings never resurface on the internet.
There are still many drawings I own which I am proud enough of to save it from the wastebasket, but not proud enough of to put back on my online art sites. A lot of those drawings I have chosen not to put back online are those that I think I can surpass and make them redundant if I’m able to be prolific again. Which is not to say that the drawings currently on this blog have no flaws, I hate lots of things about many of these too, but they best represent my current sensibilities.