Saturday, 27 June 2009

explanation again

I’ve posted somewhere between 300 to 500 of my pictures on the internet, and I regret most of them. A great deal of them were requests and I think they usually had very little redeeming qualities, but then there is also a lot of stuff where I wanted to shock too much or was too influenced by cheesecake and I can only hope all those drawings never resurface on the internet.
There are still many drawings I own which I am proud enough of to save it from the wastebasket, but not proud enough of to put back on my online art sites. A lot of those drawings I have chosen not to put back online are those that I think I can surpass and make them redundant if I’m able to be prolific again. Which is not to say that the drawings currently on this blog have no flaws, I hate lots of things about many of these too, but they best represent my current sensibilities.


  1. Hi Robert, you have removed one of my favourite drawings! The one with the two figures, one on the bed, the other standing, with a huge penis and the upper part of the body mutating into crying faces,- please put it back!

  2. That was one of the ones where I was trying to shock too hard. I would need to scan it in again because I have no digital copies left of it.

  3. I thought it was unique and powerful.
    My reading of the subject was that the crying faces on the standing figure symbolised the history of abuse that it had suffered and that it was passing this on, creating a endless cycle of humiliation and pain.
    This could be read on a personal or political level. Direct, simple and to the point.... But then perhaps you had a different meaning in mind? - that's the great thing about art, ambivalence, ambguity and the possibility of multiple interpretations.

  4. Hey Robert, good to see you posting again. Did you know that people who subscribed to your old blog on a blog reader might be able to access your old posts on there?

  5. I deleted all the posts from the old blog and put up a new post linking to this blog.